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Spain wallops Italy 4-0 in Euro 2012 Final

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 48 hours you’d know Spain made history last night and became the first team ever to defend a Euro title. The win resulted in a third major trophy in a row for Spain.

The favored Spanish squad fulfilled predictions when they gave Italy a beating in yesterday’s Euro 2012 Final.

While favored to take the trophy this year, Spain had their work cut out for them in the initial predictions before the match. However Italy struggled to maintain control as the passing game of the Spanish team was clearly superior to that of the Italian squad.

The underdogs had a bit of fight in them early in the first half. However, that tenacity quickly fell by the wayside as Spain finished and left Italy demoralized.  Down 2-0 by the half, Italy needed to do some serious digging to come back. The team managed to hold the ball in Spanish territory for some time and Italian players like fired some close shots on frame, or at least near it.

Maxing out their substitutions shortly after the beginning of the second half, Italy suffered a debilitating injury from Thiago Motta being carried off the field on a stretcher in the 64th minute. The team struggled to finish strong and deliver in the face of exhaustion and fatigue. Rumored to be one of the best defensive teams in recent years, Italy failed to deliver as goal after goal snuck by their keeper and in to the net.

The ceremony was full of jubilation and tears, visible on the faces of Italian fans and players. Now that Spain gets to enjoy their history making win, let’s hope they can remember to hang on to the trophy as it is paraded through the streets of Madrid in celebration.

OCA News Editor