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Spain Prepares to Defend Their Euro Title

In what proved to be a rather dismal game on Wednesday between Spain and Portugal, a penalty shootout eventually decided the victor. Spain will in fact move on to the finals to defend its Euro title.

The results are in and Spain’s defeat of Portugal on Wednesday ensures the team will go on to the finals and defend their Euro title.

The Spanish squad is now in a unique position to make history. If the team can successfully defend its title on July 1st it will be the first to have won two consecutive Euro titles, ever.

Even though the game was hailed as a bore, Spain fans are ecstatic at the idea of their team taking the title twice in a row. However, there is a mounting anti-Spain camp assembling on the horizon.

The anti-Spain sentiment is derived from what many feel was a complete let down of action on the team’s part during their face off against Portugal. Only in the last 20 minutes did Spain even seem interested in pressing the Portugal goal line. In short it was the kind of game with nothing remarkable about it.

Whether you’re rooting for Germany or Italy to take the last finals spot one thing is sure, if you aren’t a Spain fan, you’re a fan of whoever they go on to face July 1st.

Out of the last 29 matches, only two have finished in a 0-0 draw before penalty kicks. Surprisingly these two draws have come with the last two games in the competition, the other being England v Italy.

OCA News Editor