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Germany and Italy Battle for Finals Spot

This last semi-final match between Italy and Germany will determine who goes on to face Spain in the final round of the Euro 2012. Tonight, Warsaw will see the culminating battle between these two world-class teams with a dodgy history.

Now that Spain has secured their position in the Euro 2012 Finals, it is between Germany and Italy to fill the final slot.

Germany has yet to defeat Italy in World Cup or Euro Championship competition. This occasion will mark their 8th attempt to thwart Italy on a worldwide stage. The two faced off during 2011 in a February friendly, which resulted in a 1-1 draw.

Germany will enter the match will no injury concerns, while Italy currently suffers from several injuries and faces substituting key players as a result. Daniele De Rossi and Ignazio Abate both took their licks in the semi-final bout versus England that resulted in penalty kicks and a victory for Italy.

With a pronounced reputation for taking control of the field using whatever means necessary, Germany’s main hurdle will be to contain Italy’s aggression and fight fire with fire. Injuries on the Italian side may give Germany the advantage on the field, but Germany should not underestimate the Italian team.

With an untarnished Euro record this year and several men who are regarded as some of the best players in the tournament, including Anrea Pirlo, Germany will have their work cut out for them. Italian coach Cesare Prandelli has confirmed the team will not abandon its current strategy in favor of a defensive one. He went on to state,

“We will not change what has brought us here,” said Prandelli, “It would be a shame to waste the work of two years. We would be lacking maturity to play a different way.”

Be sure to tune in to this exciting match-up today at 2:45 (ET).

OCA News Editor