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Portugal v. Spain will see a Barcelona and Real Madrid mini-Clasico

A dozen players of Real Madrid and Barcelona teams will likely go head to head when Portugal and Spain meet at the Donbass Arena in Donetsk, Ukraine tonight.

When Portugal and Spain face off in their battle for a final’s appearance, a bitter rivalry between Real Madrid and Barcelona players will play amid the action on the pitch

Spain has a potent squad that is fixated on making history by leading the team to two consecutive Euro championship titles. The team’s biggest hurdle in the coming match will be to neutralize Portugal’s Ronaldo on the field and minimize his substantial striking power.

Portugal on the other hand has their work cut out for them, with a fervent Spanish team already breathing down their necks. Quick passes and effectively pushing the ball up to strikers, namely Ronaldo, will be the defining factors in Portugal’s performance tonight.

The current count is 7 players for Real Madrid and 5 for Barcelona when it comes to players participating in tonight’s matchup.  Several players from each Spanish club team will be pitted on opposing sides. This coarse rivalry within a rivalry has meta-football written all over the event, which is already proving to be a classic in the making. Fans from all over the world will need to tune in for this one, because all the action from tonight’s event will be on everyone’s lips around the water cooler tomorrow.

The two teams have a lot of history, and I’m reminded of how Portugal has fueled the fire by defeating Spain in a friendly match during November 2010. Suffering a 4-0 loss, the heaviest loss the Spanish team has experienced since winning the World Cup, Spain is eager to return the favor in tonight’s battle royale.

OCA News Editor