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Euro 2012 Sees Italy And England Going Head To Head

Italy’s reputation for getting things done precedes them on and off the field. The big question now is how England plans to stand up to them in their next match, scheduled for Sunday, June 24.

There is no question about the Italian squad’s resilience in getting things done on or off the pitch. Whether or not England can match the same determination remains to be seen.

While England’s coach Hodgson agrees the Italian team has an impeccable reputation for turning out victories, they also have a reputation for doing whatever it takes to win. This includes the all too familiar jersey tugs and boots grazing shins. Hodgson has warned his squad to prepare for the instigating that may lead players to get booked or sent off in the heat of the moment.

A reputation for touting the view “winning isn’t everything, it’s the only thing” earns the Italians their hardcore reputations, and why not? The team is renowned for pushing boundaries to the extreme when playing, and every squad who has faced an Italian team knows it. England will just need to prepare mentally as well as physically to get what they need done.

The match is sure to be a heated one and England will have to shed their gentlemanly methods to ensure Italy doesn’t dominate the game with the antics of a team that aims to win.

One thing England is also preparing for it the possibility of things progressing to a penalty shootout. England’s Goalkeeper, Hart of Manchester City, has excitedly thrown his name into the ring for taking shots against the Italian squad. He is eager to defend between the posts too, having studied the Italian players’ penalty kicks by video in his free time.

OCA News Editor