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Ukraine Upset Brings Debate On Use Of Goal-Line Technology

By now it is known there is no contesting that the goal Ukraine scored against England was a success robbing the team of a point due to the goal line referee’s oversight.

Ukraine was knocked out of the Euro by England in what was seen as a huge foul on the goal-line referee’s part. The event sparked arguments for goal line technology to be implemented

While a win was what Ukraine needed to advance in the tournament, their coach affirms the team was robbed of momentum that could have been instrumental in motivating the team towards a second goal and potential win.

One thing is for sure, this event has sparked widespread discussion on the implementation of goal-line technology.

With five officials on the field, with two specifically in place to cover such tough calls, it is a point worth talking about.  FIFA president Sepp Blatter sent his feelings out on his twitter feed, stating: “After last night’s match #GLT (goal-line technology) is no longer an alternative but a necessity.” One has to take into account such an opinion from one of the highest ranking officials in the game. Blatter’s UEFA colleague Michel Platini, had a different view however, reaffirming that five officials were sufficient in governing the plays made on the pitch during the Euro 2012 competition.

No matter what your stance may be, after events like the Ukraine upset things are sure to heat up surrounding the debate of whether or not to implement goal line technology.

One clearly positive outcome of goal line officials is that players have commit less violence within the penalty area, with UEFA officials remarking a decline in such activity since their implementation.

OCA News Editor