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The most interesting Summer Olympic bet you’ll ever see!

The summer Olympics in London begins in a month and a half and its time to take stock of your betting options. You can easily place bets on the winners of the games or the nations most likely to win the most medals. Or you can place interesting bets that you never would’ve imagined.

Have you ever bet on the colour of the Queen’s hat during a ceremony?

Have you ever bet on the colour of the Queen’s hat during a ceremony? Paddy Power actually offers a bet on the colour of the Queen’s hat during the opening ceremony of the Olympics! Orange and peach seem to be the most likely colours of the Queen’s hat as they only pay 2 to 1. Next comes red at 11 to 2. At the bottom of the list (and the highest “jackpot” of this bet) is tweed at 100 to 1.

They’re always adding new events at the Olympics. What new sports will be added by 2020? Bog snorkeling is the most likely of the list at 66 to 1. Cheese rolling comes next at 80 to 1, followed by the three legged race and sheep shearing at 100 to 1. If toe wrestling becomes an Olympic sport by 2020, you can win 200 times your bet! Shin kicking and wife carrying (though not together) will pay you 250 to 1.

What are activities have the lowest odds of becoming an Olympic sport by 2010? At 500 to 1 odds are the “egg and spoon race”, speed reading and extreme ironing! Place your bets before it’s too late!

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