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Rooney Takes the Field in Euro 2012

After a two game suspension, Rooney’s disciplinary sentence has been served after Hodgson’s dodgy decision nearly caused a mutiny in England’s locker room. The team is exultant at the prospect of being joined by who is thought of as England’s most effective player.

After serving time on the bench Rooney has been Ok’d by England’s coach Hodgson to join his teammates in competition.

Rooney was originally levied a three game suspension after being sent off in a match against Montenegro.  However, in a hearing he was granted a two game suspension with one suspension being postponed for another four years. Now that the two games have been served on the bench, Rooney is ready to get back on the field and represent his country against Ukraine in Euro 2012 competition.

A draw versus France and victory over Sweden in earlier competition has given England a fighting chance for a finals position, which is if Rooney can build on the foundation his teammates have fought to provide. Rooney is eager to begin after his short hiatus, and favoured as a potential golden boot recipient during the tournament if he can avoid any more unsavoury business in the heat of the game.

With 72 caps and 28 goals, Rooney is no slouch when it comes to putting it in the back of the net. The English squad will face the Ukrainian team next in an attempt to secure their place in the quarter-finals. Requiring only one point to advance, the team says a draw simply will not do, and now that Rooney is back in the mix England is as confident as ever to advance.

OCA News Editor