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Euro 2012 sees first major violence

The current tally stands at 183, but Warsaw police forces expect that number of arrests to climb as investigation continue. Police cameras and surveillance equipment from the affected areas are being used to identify individuals. The series of skirmishes took place before the Group A match Tuesday between Poland and Russia. It was a sickening display of hooliganism that claimed blood from participant and bystanders alike.

Over 150 individuals are arrested by Polish police forces in connection with violence that took place before the match between Poland and Russia Tuesday.

As many as 15 Germans Poles and Russians were said to be significantly injured in the fights Tuesday. At least one person involved is said to have been placed into critical condition, Warsaw police vehemently denied reports from Russia that one victim had suffered fatal injuries. Water cannons, tear gas, and rubber bullets were employed in deterring a mob that may have well started a full-blown riot had police not intervened.

The violence was marked as some of the worst seen at a football event since clashes erupted at the 1998 World Cup in Marseilles. Police estimate the injury tally to be much higher, but several of those estimated hundreds involved did not require medical attention.

Other reports of pre-planned attacks have surfaced as a crowd of near 50 Polish fans descended on a café Tuesday morning where Russian fans were congregating.

The Polish Premier urged his countrymen to resist provocation and proceed through the Euro 2012 event cordially, but it is unclear whether the UEFA, Poland, and Ukraine will have to face more violence this month.

OCA News Editor