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Germany and Netherlands go Head to Head

The stage is set at the Medalist Stadium in Kharkiv for what seen as one of the most anticipated matches of the Euro tournament. Germany and Netherlands will face off Wednesday June, 13 with Deutschland being favored to win. If such prediction comes to fruition, we may see Netherlands knocked out of the tournament.

Football has had its share of memorable events, but few rival the wake left on the pitch when these two teams meet.

In a rivalry that dates back to the 70’s, these teams have been in a class all their own when meeting on the pitch. Former Germany captain Franz Beckenbauer described meetings between the two teams as “football in its purest form”, a testament to the class, emotion, and tension he affirms are present whenever the two meet.

Many German players draw comparison to the German/Dutch rivalry as similar to that of England and Ireland, with Germany taking position as England. Similar to such large and small country rivalries, Netherlands assumes the underdog position and takes the more fervent approach to games with Germany, showing unparalleled intensity.

Of the past seven matches between the two teams Germany has triumphed in three, Netherlands two, and two have ended in a draw. This next match on Wednesday will afford Netherlands the opportunity to tie Germany in their record of meetings, which would be a huge accomplishment in the underdog’s eyes.

Netherlands has never had the home court advantage when playing against Germany. However, the team does maintain the distinction that no game between the two has ever ended in a draw. Be sure to watch tomorrow Wednesday June, 13 when Germany and Netherlands face off in Kharkiv.

OCA News Editor