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England Faces Off With France

Tonight will feature one of the most highly anticipated matches of the Euro, with England going up against the French team in the Donbass Arena of Donetsk, Ukraine.

Coach Hodgson remarks he couldn’t be more ready for tonight’s big event against France

Coach Roy Hodgson boasts that England couldn’t be more prepared for the match, even if given more time to prepare. His comments may seem overly bold for a team that has been plagued with injuries. However, the team appears to remain confident.

Temperatures are expected to reach as high as 32C during the early evening when the match is set to begin and players have been sure to don their repellants for what is sure to be an onslaught of summer bugs in the open arena. Laurent Blanc’s squad has already had five days to acclimate to the location, perhaps giving the French team a slight advantage.

With only 800 tickets remaining unsold for the near 50,000 seat arena, this event is sure to be a popular one in which Hodgson will erect a strong defensive backing. Striking on the counter is the plan for England’s manager, who is of the opinion the French squad maintains a rather stagnant midfield defense. Banking on Danny Welbeck’s striking capability; Hodgson mentions several teams have suffered early losses in the Euro only to come back and win the tournament, citing Holland in ’88 specifically. Hodgson says he’d be pleased even with a draw, but testifies his squad declares only victory will do

OCA News Editor