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The First Wins Are In After Euro 2012 Start

Victories from both Germany and Denmark sparked conversation about the course of this year’s Euro competition. Triumphing over both Portugal and The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark are ready to pack up and head to Ukraine for the next leg of the tournament, each with a 1-0 victory under their belts.

This weekend saw upsets and surprises as teams went head to head in the opening matches of the 2012 Euro Championship

Mario Gomez saved Germany with a 72-minute header to secure the win over Portugal, who had high hopes for tournament glory, beside their underdog status.

Denmark turned heads with Michael Krohn-Dehli’s goal over The Netherlands with 17 minutes remaining in the match. A hot topic of conversation is the failure of Holland’s supposed impenetrable defense and awesome striking capabilities.

Poland and Greece of Group A also saw action this weekend on the pitch with red cards awarded and a polish offensive that dominated the first half of play. The match ended in a 1-1 draw as Greece managed to come back to answer with a 51-minute goal from substitute Dimitris Salpingidis.

Russia faced the Czech Republic as well ending in a 4-1 victory Russia. However, the match was tainted by abuse from fans that earned Russia charges from the EUFA for “improper conduct” from fans. A review panel will go over the charges on Wednesday which outlines abuses ranging from illicit banners, the lighting and throwing of fireworks, and crowd disturbances from Russian fans.

Now that things are underway and the tournament has begun, you can expect coverage of events to ramp up all month long.

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