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Euro 2012 Kicks Off As Groups Take the Field

As the tournament begins among minority group’s fears of radical hooligans in the host countries of Poland and Ukraine, football manages to hold the spotlight as the tournament’s first matches begin.  Group A takes to the pitch with Russia as the favorite to move passed the first matches into the quarter-finals. However, the words on everyone lips are Group of Death, Group B.

the tournament has finally begun and things look rocky as many might have guessed amid fears of radical hooliganism. However, the football remains the main focus of the tournament with Group A beginning the first matches.

With four football powerhouses occupying the slots of group B, it is not clear who will triumph in the early matches and move on as all the teams are favorites in the hearts of fans, the eyes of spectators, and the in the odds of bookmakers. Holland, German, Denmark, and Portugal are the teams occupying the widely discussed Group B and each have well-earned reputations as forces to be reckoned with on the pitch.

Portugal provides the underdog position, but the team believes this distinction takes the pressure off of their performance and will end up being more of a help than a hindrance in the long run. They come in at 11/4 for their match against Germany, who have been picked up at 11/10 at William Hill Sport’s odds.

Germany has won the title of Euro Champions a staggering three times since the tournaments founding and many have them as a favorite to advance.

Holland and Denmark will face off against each other in Kharkiv for what is sure to be a close bout. Holland comes in at 6/10 at William hill and 11/2 for Denmark. Despite the gap both teams are strong and the game will no doubt keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

Group B begins playing June 9th, the second day of the Euro 2012.

OCA News Editor