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Euro 2012 and Titan Bet

Titan offers a huge variety of bets for Euro 2012 – over 50 types of bets – starting with match results. There are roughly two games a day from Friday the 8th until Tuesday the 19th. They have odds and accept bets for every single game.

The Euros are here! This weekend the games begin. It is still not too late to get in on the action.

Start with Poland vs Greece. Titan gives 2.05 to 1 odds than Poland will win; 3.10 odds that the game will end in a draw and 4.25 odds that Greece will win. Who would you bet on? Let’s skip to June 11th for the England vs France game. Titan gives 3.10 to 1 odds that England will win; 3.10 to 1 for a draw and 2.37 to 1 that France will win.

You can bet on every aspect of the games you like. For every scheduled game, you can bet on the exact score, total goals or even the time of the first goal. The “jackpot” of that bet is the later part of the game. If you’re willing to bet that the first goal won’t occur until 76 to 85 minutes into the game, you’ll get 17 to 1 odds. Not bad!


There are too many unique Euro 2012 bets at Titan Bet. Even if you’re not betting, it’s fun to read through them and see that’s out there.

Enjoy the games!

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