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Euro 2012 Betting Heats Up for Punters Worldwide

Bookies have been entertaining odds since before the first friendlies were held in late May on everything from outrights, golden boot hopefuls, final qualifiers, and more. While sports book betting is legal in several European and Scandinavian countries, along with isolated instances in the Americas and Asia, the practice remains illegal in much of the world.

Whereas betting is legal in most European countries, many areas of Asia and the Americas maintain strict penalties for participating in illegal gambling activity

Authorities worldwide, especially in Asia have mobilized authorities to break up illegal gambling rings and thwart the expected rise in loan-shark activities.

Scandal recently rocked the Italian team as 19 players and individuals were implicated in illegal betting and match-fixing activities. The list of those whose property and rooms were searched by police included Gianluigi Buffon, Stephano Mauri, Domenico Criscito, Juventus coach Antonio Conte, and several other top players.

If it comes down to placing wagers on the Euro 2012 event, it should go without saying that betting should be confined to a legal setting. But for many who seek the thrill off putting money down on the matches, this is simply not an option.

Officials in Boneo and Malaysia, who have had long standing problems with illegal gambling syndicates both local and international, are already preparing efforts to curb such activities in their countries. Merging with FIFA to channel information to each country’s respective Interior Ministries, both aim to keep the practice to a minimum for an event as large as the Euro 2012.

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