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Spain Given Opportunity To Make History

With 12 other winners in the history of the tournament, none have been able to successfully defend a title. This is Spain’s opportunity to make history. It has been 36 years since another team, the Soviet Union at the time, has even made it to the finals in defense of their title, so to even make it that far will be a tremendous achievement for the Spanish squad.

It’s no secret that Spain has had success in recent years as both Continental and World champions

While Germany has received the honor of claiming victory in the Euro 3 times, but has never been able to finish two wins in succession at the Euro tournament. While many favor a final between Spain and Germany in this year’s Euro, only time will tell if Germany will in fact put a wall between the Spain and an historic Euro finish in 2012.

Contrasting prior tournaments, in 1980 final rounds for the Euro expanded to include 8 teams in total. This change effectively diminished defending teams’ odds of finishing on top. However, the last six tournaments running have seen world champions finish well in the tournament, which should offer Spain some solace as they seek to secure the first consecutive EUFA title defense.

The Euro 2012 competition is slated to being June 8 and as host countries Poland and Ukraine prepare to host the 16 team tournament the world is abuzz. With news of player injuries, substitutions, and omissions rolling in every day, fans and bookies will entertain top picks and cover a menagerie of football outcomes and events in regard to the Euro 2012 tournament.

OCA News Editor