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England Suffers In Recent Friendly Versus Belgium

After receiving the push into goalkeeper Joe Hart from Dries Mertens, Cahill knew right away his appearance in this year’s Euro championship would not be happening. After a diagnosed double fracture of the jaw, Chelsea’s Cahill is sure to sit out for the duration while he is on the mend.

While England came away with a 1-0 win in a friendly against Belgium at Wembley on Sunday, defender Gary Cahill walked off the pitch with a fractured jaw and effectively ended his Euro 2012 involvement

Liverpool’s Martin Kelley will be called up to fill Cahill’s position in lieu of Rio Ferdiannd, who has been vehemently outspoken in regard to his omission from the tournament. Widely regarded as one of the strongest defenders in England’s arsenal, Ferdinand has raised a bit of a storm with his less than favorable twitter comments directed toward head coach Roy Hodgson. Fans are in an uproar too, as Ferdinand has been glossed over a second time when considered for Euro 2012 participation.

The recent injuries for the Euro 2012 England squad have the country coming in more or less as a longshot in finishing the tournament as the outright winners. Bookies, such as betfair, are offering odds like 143/10, and William Hill’s odds of 10/1 for England to finish first in the Euro 2012.

While recent injuries and less than popular squad substitutions have led to a diminished outlook on England’s prognosis in this year’s tournament, there are still four days left until the tournament gets underway in Poland and Ukraine. That is plenty of time for more upsets and predictions to falter for all participants.  Stay up to date with our complete coverage of the Euro 2012 and don’t forget to submit your betting slips before the tournament begins June 8.

OCA News Editor