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Friendlies Of Euro 2012 Begin To Show Results

Before the tournament is under way, the 16 teams participating in the Euro 2012 have held friendly matches in Europe and Asia. Results are a mixed bag for some but offer insight into the tournament’s stronger teams and those underdogs who have proven to do surprisingly well.

Friendly matches are held prior to Euro 2012 competition

Croatia has seen promise after it trounced Estonia in a 3-1 victory. The team’s spirits are high as they go on to play Norway in Olso, June 2.

• The Czech Republic’s first match ended in a 2-1 victory in an unofficial international over Israel. The team should feel strong before going up against Hungary in Prague June 1.

Denmark has experienced upset so far with 1-3 loss to Brazil in Hamburg. Next on the list will be a match with Australia June 2, the teams will go head to head in Copenhagen.
England is gearing up for its next bout against Belgium in London on June 2. England maintains a winning record with a 1-0 victory versus Norway in Oslo earlier this month.

France narrowly escaped defeat against Iceland in a 3-2 victory. The team will play Serbia in Reims later this evening and Estonia in Le Mans on June 5.

Germany is coming off a 3-5 loss against Switzerland that was held in Basel. The team will play Israel in Leipzig later this evening.

• After a 1-1 draw against Slovenia, Greece is looking forward to a match later this evening in Austria versus the Armenian team.

Italy’s first friendly was cancelled after an earthquake shook much of northern Italy. The team looks forward to its match against Russia in Zurich on June 1.

• The Netherlands have seen a bit more action than other teams with their first friendly in an unofficial international against FC Bayern Munchen in Munic last week, resulting in a 2-3 loss.  A second loss shook the team in Amsterdam when defeated by Bulgaria, 1-2. However, yesterday’s 2-0 victory over Sloviakia in Rotterdam raised the team’s spirits for their next match against Northern Ireland on June 2nd.

• Host country Poland is setting up for a hat trick as is comes out of its first two matches against Latvia and Slovakia 1-0 in both instances. The team plays Andorra next in Warsaw June 2.

• Portugal comes of a 0-0 draw against Macedonia in Leiria in preparation for its next match against Turkey in Lisbon June 2.

• The Republic of Ireland comes out on top with a 1-0 win against Bosnia/Herzegovina in Dublin and gears up for its next match versus Hungary in Budapest June 4.

Russia sets up for its third friendly after coming out of its first two matches with draws, a 1-1 with Uruguay and a 0-0 against Lithuania. The Next match is set to be held in Zurich against Italy June 1.

Spain is looking strong with two wins already, a 2-0 from Serbia and a 4-1 victory over South Korea. The team plays China next on June 3 in Sevilla.

Sweden grabbed a 3-1 victory over Iceland yesterday in Gothenburg in preparation for its next match against Serbia on June 5 in Solna.

• The second tournament host, Ukraine dominated a match against Estonia with a 4-0 victory. The country prepares for a second friendly against Austria in Kufstein June 1 and another against Turkey in Germany on June 5.

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