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Euro 2012 – Ladbrokes Best Bets

Ladbrokes has some interesting bets for Euro 2012!

Have you placed your bets for the Euro 2012 championships? The first games begin in less than 2 weeks so now is the perfect time to prepare for an exciting month of June. We decided to check out Ladbrokes and see what the popular sports bookmaker has for EUFA fans.

Ladbrokes has some interesting bets for Euro 2012!

Ladbrokes has a well-developed section on EUFA 2012 bets. There’s something for every type of bettor – regular “who will win” bets as well as “top goal scorer” and others. The most obvious bet to start out with is “who will be the EUFA 2012 tournament winner”.

Spain has the best odds of winning according to Ladbrokes – and therefore they have the lowest payout at 5/2. Next comes Germany with 3/1 odds, followed by Holland (7/1) and England (9/1). Greece is worth 50/1, Sweden and Czech Republic pay 66/1. Denmark and Ireland fill out the bottom of the list with 100/1 odds – quite a payout if that actually happens!

The next most obvious bet to place is “name the finalists”. You get 8/1 if you bet on Spain vs. Germany. Germany vs. Holland is worth 9/1 at Ladbrokes, followed by Spain vs. Holland (11/1), Spain vs. Italy (12/1), Spain vs. England (16/1) and Spain vs. France (16/1).

And who are the most unlikely couples for the EUFA 2012 finals? That would go to Czech Republic vs. Ireland and Ireland vs. Poland – both offering 1,500 to 1 odds.

The lads at Ladbrokes also offer bets for the top tournament goal scorer. Dimitrios Salpigidis and Georgios Samaras are the best payouts (and lowest odds) at 200/1. German player Mario Gomez leads the odds for top tournament scorer with 8/1 odds.

Did any of these odds inspire you to place a bet? Do you think one of the 1,500 to 1 bets will come true? Tune in to this space for more on Euro 2012!



OCA News Editor