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EUFA Proposes Changes to 2016 Tournament

When compared to the sprawling World Cup competition the more focused European Championship is a welcome reprieve for die-hard football fans, in effect outshining the WC in popularity. However, many fans express anxiety over recent news that the EUFA aims to expand the competition in 2016 from 16 nations to 24. With 8 more countries and 20 more matches added into the mix, the EUFA hope to widen the event’s coverage at the national level and generate larger commercial revenue.

EUFA aims to expand tournament for next championship

The reasoning comes with a bit of solid observation from David Taylor, the EUFA’s top commercial official, when noting that while the tournament serves as a great event academically for those tuning in, viewers lack passion when their nations are not represented. The aim of the expansion is chiefly to get more participants involved.

The proposed expansion will allow more aspiring and competitive nations in to the fold, making room for many more surprises and upsets during the games. When compared to the World Cup’s track record of the same 6 nations holding final positions since 1970, the European Championship has witnessed 6 different victors in the same number of tournaments.
What is more enjoyed of the tournament is its tight nature, pitting quality teams against each other from the start. Many games will pit together notable finalists from past tournaments serving in a sense as rematches, such as with Germany and Holland who are slated to go head to head June 13th, two finalists from the 2010 World Cup.

The change anticipates including tournament hopefuls such as Macedonia and Estonia, who haven’t reached an event of such magnitude since the late 80’s dissolution of communist Eastern Europe, another reason fueling the proposed European Championship changes.

Bookies around the world are buzzing with the forthcoming news in hopes of generating more odds to cover and several more match outcomes with which to work.

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