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Euro 2012 Football – TitanBet’s Most Interesting Bets

The 2012 UEFA European Football Championship (also known as Euro 2012) is underway. Have you placed your bets? TitanBet has an almost endless variety of bets that you can make on the games. If you want to go beyond the usual bets of who will win what game, there are some very interesting bets to be made!

Get ready to place your bets, this time there are many ways to win at TitanBet

Why bet on “just” the winner when you can bet on the method of the last goal? At TitanBet, you get to choose whether the last goal was the result of a shot, penalty, own goal, header, free kick and no goal.

The football games begin on June 8. The first day of gameplay has two games – Poland vs Greece and Russia vs Czech Republic. Obviously the lowest odds is for the last score to be the result of a “regular shot”. The odds of that happening in the Poland vs Greece game is 1.55 to one and 1.53 to 1 for the Russia Czech Republic game.

If the last goal is from a penalty, TitanBet will pay 12 to 1 for both games. Will the last score be a free kick? You’ll get 12 to 1 odds for Poland vs Greece and 17 to 1 for Russia vs Czech Republic.

The “last score jackpot” is when the final goal is the result of a team scoring its “own goal” – something no team wants to do! TitanBet offers 26 to 1 odds that this won’t happen on either game – and in fact for all of the other scheduled games.

Watch this space – we’ll keep reporting on the most intriguing bets that we find for UEFA 2012!

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