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Super Bowl XLVI – Going Mobile For Better Odds

Super Bowl XLVI is “going mobile!” Super Bowl XLVI will be the first Super Bowl to be streamed online in the US. The digitally streaming Super Bowl is a “game changer” for game bettors. Digitally attuned bettors will see more information in real time than in any previous Super Bowl.

Super Bowl XLVI is the first web streamed broadcast in Super Bowl history. Use it to your advantage when placing your bet

What is the best way to watch the Super Bowl?
Online Casino Archives recommends you watch it on a big screen TV with two laptops or tablets on your family room table. Use the TV broadcast for your main feed, the first stream for a constant feed of statistics and the second stream for different angles and instant replays. If you’re watching the game with a few people, put one person in charge of each screen.

Where can I watch the game?
The game will be streamed on and Pre-game coverage starts at 2pm EST and the kickoff is at 6:30pm EST.

Can I watch the stream from outside the US?
If you are a Canadian, yes! Canadians who have mobile service via Bell Canada can download an app and watch the Super Bowl.

How much does it cost?
Its 100% free! Normal data rates apply.

Will I see the same ads?
Nope. Mobile viewers will see a different set of ads (probably geared for mobile users). Verizon users will see the same feed at TV viewers.

How much do digital advertising packages cost?
They’re a lot cheaper than TV ads (which go for $3.5 – $4 million per 30 second slot). The digital advertising packages run from $300,000 – $600,000.

What is the quality of the stream?
720 pixels.

What will be on the mobile stream that won’t be on the TV broadcast?
A lot! Multiple camera angles, highlight clips, live statistics, instant replays and more.

You Better, You Bet – Superbowl XLVI Edition!
Titan Bets has unique Super Bowl odds and bets for tonight’s Super Bowl. Here are our favorites:

• First Half Moneyline – New England Patriots – 1.69 / New York Giants 2.15
• First Half Totals – Over 27.5 – 1.86 / Under 27.5 – 1.95
• Winning Margin – New York Giants to win by 1-6 points – 5.00
• Winning Margin – New England Patriots to win by 1-6 points – 4.50
• Highest Scoring Quarter – 1st Quarter – 5.50 / 2nd Quarter – 2.75 / 3rd Quarter – 5.50 / 4th Quarter – 3.00

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