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Super Bowl XLVI Betting By The Numbers

With so much information out there and so many bets to be made, Online Casino Archives breaks down the most important numbers for Super Bowl fans and bettors.

The most interesting numbers and stats of Super Bowl XLVI - what you really need to know

1 – This is the first Super Bowl to be played in Indianapolis.
2 – This is the 2nd time that the Giants and Patriots head off in the Superbowl (XLII in 2008). The Giants won that game 17-14. Interesting – as most point spreads have the Giants up by 3!
5 – This is the New York Giants 5th trip to the Super Bowl.
7 – This is the New England Patriots 7th trip to the Super Bowl.
9 – States have hosted the Super Bowl, including this year. Florida has hosted the most – 15, followed by California – 11, Louisiana – 9, Texas – 3, Arizona – 2, Georgia – 2, Michigan – 2, Minnesota – 1, Indiana – 1.
19 – Players from both teams (12 from the Giants, 7 from the Patriots) played against each other in Super Bowl XLII in 2008.
46 – Super Bowls so far.
55-10 – The biggest blowout in Super Bowl history. That was Super Bowl XXIV when the 49ers beat the Broncos.
10,258 yards – Combined passing yards of Tom Brady (5,235) and Eli Manning (4,933). That’s 5.8 miles!
$42,000 – The cost of a 30 second ad spot during the first Super Bowl.
68,000 – Seats available at Lucas Oil Stadium, the site of Super Bowl XLVI.
$3.5 – $4 million – Average cost of a 30 second commercial spot during this year’s Super Bowl.
111 million – Americans watched last year’s Super Bowl
$1 billion – Spent by Americans during this weekend on food and drinks, according to Ad Week. That’s 1.25 billion chicken wings, 8 million slices of pizza, 46 million pounds of potato chips and 71 million pounds of guacamole!

In this rough economy, we leave you with an interesting piece of trivia. We don’t want you to place your bets before you know this – the team whose metropolitan area boasts the lower unemployment rate has won 17 of the last 20 Super Bowls. Based on this, the Patriots (Boston – 6.8%) should beat the Giants (New York – 8.5%).

Still Time To Get Your Super Bowl XLVI Bets In!
William Hill has the most interesting bets for Super Bowl XLVI. Here are our favorites:

• 6/1 – A flag to be thrown on the first offensive play of the game
• 8/1 – Aaron Hernandez to score a rushing touchdown
• 10/1 – Ahmad Bradshaw to score a touchdown and record a fumble in the game
• 10/1 – Ahmad Bradshaw, Hakeem Nicks and Victor Cruz all to score a touchdown
• 16/1 – Antrel Rolle to have an interception inside his own 20 yard line
• 4/1 – Any attempt at a hail mary pass
• 5/2 – Any rookie to score a touchdown
• 4/1 – Either team to have 500 or more total offensive yards
• 14/1 – Eli Manning to rush for a touchdown and pass for two touchdowns
• 4/1 – Eli Manning to throw two or more interceptions

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