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William Hill and Bet365 Compete over In-Play Betting Market

According to a survey conducted by industry researcher Gambling Compliance, Britain’s largest bookie William Hill and family-owned Bet365 are competing for the leading spot in the rapidly growing in-play sports betting market.

As in-play betting grows in popularity, two of the UK’s leading bookmakers are competing for top spot

It seems more and more customers are attracted by the idea of in-play betting which allows them to place bets on a sporting event whilst it is taking place. As a result revenue is rising across the entire gambling industry which is helping to make up for the overall drop in traditional over-the-counter betting (although, William Hill did recently report a rise in this over the last quarter of 2011).

The survey said that whilst Bet365 offered bets on the widest range of sports and events, William Hill offered more bets per event. The survey was conducted over a total of two weeks in November and December last year. During that time Bet365 offered in –play betting on 20 sports and 534 events, this was followed by Sportingbet at 358 events, Bwin on 317 events, Ladbrokes on 313 events and William Hill on 297 events.

Despite coming at the bottom of that list, William Hill offered an average of 53 bets per event which was miles ahead of the competition. Ladbrokes offered an average of 30, Sportingbet 25, Bet365 24 and Bwin 23.

Unsurprisingly football was shown to be the most popular sport for in-play betting making up over two thirds of events offered for in-play betting. After football were basketball then tennis and volleyball.
William Hill is Britain’s oldest bookmakers which over the last 8 decades has built itself into the country’s largest bookmaker. In contrast Bet365 is relatively young but has been quick to make its mark. It is owned by the Coates family and has a majority stake in Stoke City football club.

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