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Massive Accumulator Football Bet Win at William Hill

It seems that gamblers who are feeling the pinch of the economic conditions are turning back to traditional betting shops for cheap bets. William Hill has reported that bets taken over the counter rose by 11% in the final quarter of last year. Thanks to this growth the company also saw a 7% rise in winnings generated by in-store gambling machines. However, there was a fall in the win margins over the same quarter.

Despite showing good results for last year, William Hill had a difficult November thanks to one man’s massive win

This drop may be due to a fantastic win for one William Hill customer, a Maltese villager, who won an amazing 683,783/1 bet on the football and caused William Hill a real headache.
Normally placing accumulator bets on football fixtures is a foolish idea as every selection needs to win in order for the bet to pay off. However, occasionally things do work out and this 41 year old waiter placed a one euro bet on a total of 19 fixtures and won a massive £570,000 thanks to Liverpool’s victory over Chelsea last November.

William Hill has actually blamed this win for a fall in the November win margins from 19 per cent to 17 per cent as a number of favourites including Arsenal, West Ham and Charlton all won. This lead to a number of losses for William Hill which resulted in one of the worst months the company has had in over a decade.

The Chief Executive, Ralph Topping, said that November was “certainly a very good month” for those betting on small-stake, high-return multiple football bets. However, despite the difficult month it seems that profits for 2011 were in line with predictions at around £274 million. Although this is slightly lower than 2010, 2011 didn’t have the advantage of a Football World Cup to boost gambling.

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