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AC Milan vs. Barcelona Match Preview

Today sees AC Milan take on Barcelona in what is sure to be a thrilling match. AC Milan is just two points behind Barcelona and they are sure to work hard to steal away the top spot.

Today AC Milan will tackle Barcelona at home in what is sure to be an action packed match as both team battle for the top spot in their group.

Last weekend Barcelona could only manage a draw with Tuscany, a surprising result considering that it was their opportunity to show how prepared they were before today’s match. Their manager, Massimilliano Allegri, said that they were “disappointed not to have won especially after having technically played a very good game. Come Wednesday we’ll have to pull together and accept the choices because it’ll be like a final.”

AC Milan have not been doing well in away games in this Champions League having drawn both of them. That means that if they want to be sure of finishing top of the group, qualifying and avoiding the knockout phase they have to make sure of a victory today.

Barcelona’s captain, Carles Puyol, is back on the squad having missed most of the last campaign due to injury. He said that today’s match will not be easy as AC Milan have “may players that can make a difference, so we have to work hard to try to win.”

AC Milan’s Zlatan Ibrahimovic is definitely worth keeping an eye on. He is hated by the Barcelona team thanks to his recent criticism of Guardiola and he is certainly capable of causing some upset.

It is a difficult match to call, Milan won the last time they met but have not been doing well in the Champions League whilst Barcelona are seeing consistent success. However, Milan will be more comfortable playing at home which will definitely be to their advantage.

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