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UK bookmaker to pay out over poppy bets

After a compromise was reached with Fifa over the England team wearing poppies during their friendly against Spain last Saturday, bookmaker William Hill have agreed to pay out to who bet on both outcomes.

After a compromise was reached with Fifa over England players wearing poppies in their match against Spain, William Hill will be paying out to both yes and no bets.

The compromise was only reached after interventions from many leading figures including Prince William, David Cameron and the FA president. Up until last week Fifa was saying that placing a poppy on a player’s shirt was against their rules banning political, religious and commercial messages.

Fifa agreed to allow players to wear a poppy embroidered onto their armband, a move which FA praised. Prime Minister David Cameron said that it was “not an issue of left or right or Labour or Conservative. We all wear the poppy with pride, even if we don’t approve of the wars people were fighting in … to honour the fact that these people sacrificed their lives for us.”

William Hill will be paying out to those who bet that players would be allowed to wear a poppy (at odds of 1/6 and 1/8) and to those who bet that would not be allowed (At odds of 9/2). William Hill Spokesman Graham Sharpe said that “a case can be made for those who bet either yes or no to be winners”.

The bookmakers will also be donating £5000 to the Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal, Sharpe added “we said we’d give the poppy appeal our winnings, but as we are paying out on both options there won’t be any. So we have decided to make a donation of £5000 to the Appeal instead.”

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