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Online Sportsbetting Leaders Set Sights on India

Leading members of the gambling industry are turning their attention to India following the publication of a new report identifying the region as the top spot for online gaming. Major firms are now seeking to forge business alliances with Indian representatives in an attempt to secure their share of a potentially lucrative market. The move arrives in the immediate aftermath of a Media Entertainment Consulting Network (MECN) report. The survey names Asia and India as the fastest growing sites of online gaming due to the influx of customers located in the subcontinent. It also estimates the value of the 2009 market at $60 billion. In addition, sport services have noted an astonishing surge in internet usage in the vicinity with figures increasing 20 times over within the space of the past five years alone.

Leading brands such as 2UP Gaming are hoping to secure new partnership deals with Indian investors later this year.

2UP Gaming represents just one of many organsiations hoping to establish partners in the region this year. The gaming giant has announced plans to sends a management team to India in September 2011 in a bid to generate alliances with investors. The firm is ultimately hoping to etsablish new partnership deals – bringing online gaming products to a broad range of Indian consumers for the first time.

Commenting on the move, 2UP Managing Director, Peter Bentley, said that a partnership with Indian gaming leaders would play a critical role in encouraging “a strong base for worldwide membership”. He went on to say that such an association would provide 2UP with “immediate high traffic exposure to the global online gaming market” – putting the firm in excellent position to reap massive rewards. Keep up to date with all the latest sportsbetting updates here!

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