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Daily Telegraphs Extends Contract with Soccer Millionaire

Daily Telegraph readers were thrilled to learn that the newspaper has renewed its supply deal with Soccer Millionaire. The leading UK publication, which boasts an average daily circulation of 842,912, will be extending its existing contract with the UK and Alderney licensed internet games developer much to the delight of sports punters throughout the country.

The online games developer, Soccer Millionaire, will now be providing casino games to the Daily Telegraph, it emerged this week

Soccer Millionaire represents one of the most celebrated names in the sporting and gaming industry. Offering players access to football pools, the site sees gamers in with a chance to lay their hands on a weekly £1 Million jackpot each and every week when they test out their football prediction skills against other competitors. The new arrangement will ensure that Soccer Millionaire continues to provide it s betting products to the Telegraph’s Fantasy Football offering. In addition, the brand will be providing online casino games to the paper for the first time in the history of the collaboration.

Speaking on behalf of the newspaper, Telegraph spokesman Steve Stiles said that the new site would provide Fantasy Football managers with “an unrivalled suite of gaming options which I am sure our customer will continue to enjoy”. Soccer Millionaire CEO, David Galan, echoed Stiles’ enthusiasm – arguing that the new system would facilitate the creation of a “seamless, fully managed product”. He went on to pay tribute to the hard work which had gone into the design of a “new suite of products” which matched the “new and improved Fantasy Football which The Daily Telegraph remains at the forefront of”. Sports lovers will no doubt be keen to avail themselves of such services in the weeks ahead.

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