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English Harbour Group closes doors to new players

The repercussions of the online gaming industry’s Black Friday are still being felt across the board, with yet another company announcing it is closing its doors to new players. The English harbour Group, which included sites such as superslots and Millionaire Casino, has announced that it will no longer be accepting new players to their sites. This lock-out will cover players based in the UK as well as those in the US.

Online casinos within the English Harbour Group have announced that they will no longer be accepting new players.

EH online casinos managed to build up an excellent reputation in the online gaming market, after launching its first online casino back in 1997. Its closure will come as a blow to those customers who enjoyed playing at a site they knew they could trust. A message on the English Harbour Group home page is encouraging existing players to begin playing out their account or request a payout in order to obtain all monies owed to them.

Black Friday is the term used by the online industry to describe the events that happened back in April 2011, when the US Department of Justice seized the sites of huge operators Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars and Absolute Poker.

One of the repercussions of Black Friday is the vacuum that is being left by the number of sites that are closing their doors. Players are now casting their eyes around this new online market, sometimes looking for a new site for the first time in years. This of course is good news for those sites that have an established reputation and are strong enough to weather the storm. Companies such as William Hill have reported an excellent first half of 2011, due to a huge increase in players enjoying their online sportsbook.

OCA News Editor