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UK Betting Exchange, Betfair, Upgrades Mobile Gaming Devices

The leading online betting exchange, Betfair, has introduced a range of upgrades to its mobile devices. The UK based company, which currently boasts more than 3 million clients, has made significant changes to its product range – offering gamblers the chance to take advantage of increasingly sophisticated technology. Mobile web applications are now being upgraded to the organisation’s flagship Betfair Touch whilst two fresh iPad and iPhone native applications have now gone on sale in the AppleiStore.

The UK’s leading online betting exchange, Betfair, has introduced a series of significant changes to its existing mobile product range.

The changes arrive in the aftermath of new research which has revealed the emergence of a technically aware gaming client base eager to take advantage of the latest software. More customers than ever before are now using their handsets to access a range of sports betting services alongside other popular casino titles such as blackjack, roulette, baccarat, craps and poker.

The upgrades, which have already been warmly received by members of the gaming community, look set to enhance in play betting and search capabilities whilst creating faster response times. The remodelled iPhone 2.3 also gives players the chance to control deposits and withdrawals via their mobile phones – a real first for Betfair customers. The most recent figures, meanwhile, reveal that Betfair took well over £1 billion in bets via mobiles during the course of the past financial year. Such impressive statistics certainly look set to rise in forthcoming months as avid gamers rush to try out the latest releases for themselves without delay. Sports betting enthusiasts will no doubt be very excited indeed as mobile gaming takes the industry by storm this 2011.

OCA News Editor