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Favourit Takes Sporting World by Storm

The arrival of Favourit has sparked excitement amongst the sporting community this month as a new social network prepares to take the betting and entertainment industry by storm. Favourit, a brand developed by Agility Interactive, offers its users access to a personalized entertainment platform allowing them to monitor experts at sports, music or popular events at their convenience. The project, which is already being tipped as the hottest new arrival on the scene, claims to be able to transport viewers into the “heart of the action” as they back their chosen winners to make some quick and welcome cash.

A new social networking forum allows sporting fans to back their favourites like never before.

The project arrives in the wake of the recent findings of a research project conducted by Agility Interactive – the acclaimed expert in interactive Media, Wagering and Gaming Solutions.

The investigation found that more than 78% of enthusiasts aged between 18 and35yrs are keen to share the experience of getting behind their favorite players and personalities with their companions. A further 41% were shown to have found the existing online services confusing and off putting. Other observations suggest that leading bookies have been failing to reach out to a younger generation by refusing to properly engage with social channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

It seems that the arrival of Favourit will mark the start of a new era for gaming and the industry at large. Sports and entertainment fans will no doubt be very excited indeed as they check out a brand new online forum for themselves without delay. Industry members will surely be anxious to follow suit as a revolutionary platform gets ready to make its mark this 2011.

OCA News Editor