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Party Digital Entertainment Cooperates with Sportsbook Review

The leading sportsbook Bwin has agreed to cooperate with SBR following its new merger with PartyGaming. The sportsbetting service Bwin has long found itself under attack for failing to cooperate with customer satisfaction services. Many complained that the sportsbook had been refusing to engage with Sportsbook Review (SBR) – hiding behind data protection laws in a bid to safeguard their interests.

Party Digital Entertainment

Now industry experts are welcoming a change in policy which has seen the company shed greater light on sportsbook disputes online. The move, which has been warmly welcomed by the gaming community at large, has been attributed to the company’s recent merger with PartyGaming in 2010 resulting in the formation of Party Digital Entertainment Plc. The consolidated company, which now represents the world’s biggest publicly traded online gambling firm, is offering new transparency on a range of issues prompting many to upgrade the organisation’s consumer ratings.

Former complaints had previously centred on PartyGaming and Bwin sportsbook identity verification procedures. The former found itself under particularly heavy attack in recent months after it emerged that Ukraine based scammers had been targeting Austrian bookmakers online. Other reports recorded instances of legitimate players being accused of fraudulent activity as a result of minor data errors or regional locations.

Headed by CEOs Norbert Teufelberger and Jim Ryan, it seems that Party Digital Entertainment looks set to capitalise on its considerable progress in the months ahead. Widely considered to be one of the most stable sportsbooks in the world, it’s clear that users will continue to flock to Bwin where they can look forward to a taste of one of the most powerful betting ventures around. Industry members will be monitoring the organisation’s developments very closely.

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