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Gold Coast Titans new sports gambling partner

Welcome to Titanbet! This is the name of the newly formed joint venture between the Gold Coast Titans and Betezy. The new sports gambling company will take wagers on the championship between Manly and Melbourne. It has also offered odds on the possible suspension of Cam Smith but the NRL quickly nipped that it in the bud.

Only certain types of bets and those only by strict adhesion to protect the integrity of the game will be open to sports gambling operators. Most sports leagues in the US are strictly against sports gambling but in Australia sports leagues have begun to see merit in such ventures.

CEO of the Titans, Michael Searle said that his rugby club decided to get on the bandwagon because sports gambling makes money out of the game and it would only be fair that the clubs get their share of the profit. The NRL strictly forbids profit from any match win or loss in which the Titans are involved in order to secure the integrity of the game.

This joint venture could see the Titans make around Aus $3 million in three years from sports gambling. The Betezy logo will not appear on the Titans shirts and therefore the NRL could not block the arrangement using its deal with SportsTAB. SportsTAB give 5% of proceeds from sports gambling to the NRL and the Titans will get 50% of the profit from the new sports gambling website.

OCA News Editor