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State-Run Sportsbetting Market in Sweden to be Liberalized

The Swedish media has recently reported that the days of a having its online sportsbetting run by the state could soon come to a close. The news comes after the revelation that a commission enquiry will be introducing a licensing system by the end of 2008 for foreign sportsbetting companies.

The enquiry was only appointed very recently, and is believed to be the result of mounting pressures from the European Commission to liberalize the sportsbetting market, which could otherwise lead to a hearing at the European Court of Justice. The enquiry confirmed that it is its intention to introduce a regulatory licensing system for the sportsbetting market.
The proposal is based on the commission’s beliefs that sportsbetting poses less risks for problem gamblers, as opposed to casino and slot games. Online poker and other skill-based games have still not been decided upon with regards to problem gambling.

According to a secretary a the enquiry commission, Peter Alling, the new sportsbetting system will soon be proposed to the government. As for the tax rates, he explained that they have still not been determined, yet believes tat they will be dependent upon the turnover of gross gaming revenues in the sportsbetting market.

Alling explicated that the new sportsbetting system will be flexible, so that it can accommodate both the needs of long term stability and the ability to support any changes within the industry. He called the system a “well balanced environment.”

OCA News Editor