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Legal Sportsbook? Canadian government ponders issue.

Around the world, casinos and online gambling sites are being legalized, now the Canadian government are looking seriously at sportsbook gambling. Canada has seen a dramatic decrease in revenues from its casinos and the government sees the legalization of sportsbook gambling in the casino as a means to aid casinos during these hard times.

Justice Minister Rob Nicholson says that he has encouraged the provinces to follow suit and actively engage stakeholders so that laws may be amended and sportsbook gambling be legalized.

Canada’s current laws makes sportsbook gambling illegal and there is still major opposition to gambling. However, finance may indeed have a louder voice and overcome current obstacles. Those opposed to sportsbook gambling (and indeed any form of gambling) believe it is immoral to make money from problem gamblers. The argument is valid of course but not all gamblers are problem gamblers. Those in favour of sportsbook gambling say that some of Canada’s casinos are already equipped to handle sportsbook gambling.

Legalizing sportsbook gambling in casinos near the United States border will draw more American visitors to Canada. Increased tourism is good for both Canada and the ailing casino business in Canada. Sportbook gambling is already very popular and people participate in this activity whether legal or not and it may serve governments around the world well to legalise sportsbook gambling and earn their share of the revenues from it.

Legalising sportsbook gambling would not only be beneficial to the government concerned but also to gamblers. The sportbook gambling industry would then have to conform to given standards, this would ultimately lead to the protection of gamblers.

OCA News Editor

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