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Objections, but Sportsbetting good for Ontario

Professional sports are loathe to embrace sportsbetting but the fact is that it is the secret force that drives the popularity of sports. The Liberal Party in Canada wants sportsbetting to be legalised in Ontario casinos, the intention is that with an increased gambling revenue, the state revenues will increase commensurately.

American professional sports leagues take a dim view of any move to legalise sportsbetting and those teams playing in Montreal and Toronto will use all their considerable influence to prevent sportsbetting in cities close to them.

Leaders of the oposition party, the Conservatives have been quick to criticise the Liberals saying that this move proves that the Liberals have become dependent on gambling sources for income. It has to be said that both casino revenues and economic conditions in Ontario have been in a slump over the past year.

Casinos in Ontario do participate in a form of sportsbetting called Pro-Line. Pro-Line involves the picking of sports outcomes in a casual manner. Of course, serious gamblers and sports players simply use online casinos or illegal bookies to participate in sportsbetting which bypasses the country’s tax laws thus not earning any revenue for the country via tax.
The objections raised by the sports leagues are mere window dressing, embracing sportsbetting would cause problems with image and the integrity of games would be called into question. However, despite all this the leagues realise that sportsbetting is the driving force behind the popularity of most professional sports.

There will of course be many objections and protest from a variety of sources, the fact is that the Conservatives have no better alternative to raise much needed revenue, the pro leagues too need the interest that is generated by sportsbetting, so that players and owners can continue to earn fortunes from their sport.

OCA News Editor