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Sports Betting ups the odds in Preseason NFL Gambling

While the NFL may loudly proclaim itself opposed to sports betting, they are secretly very happy with the preseason NFL gambling odds. It is the avid sports betting that keeps millions of viewers glued to their television sets over weekends.

The NFL and other professional sports leagues continuously lobby Congress in order to prevent sports betting and the expansion thereof beyond Nevada. But because the NFL will be start training camps, Superbowl odds have been big news and nothing could make the league happier.

Sports betting is the driving force behind professional sports, particularly football. The NFL has become the number one sports in America, surpassing even baseball and all this due to sports betting.

Point spreading allows bookies to even both sides of a bet, balancing the action on each side, vigorous betting ensures profits for bookmakers. Based on previous money line action a heavy favourite can get all the play and can put the sports book at risk, spreading points make even sure bets a toss of a coin. Football is the easiest game to spread points.

The weekly analysis of point spreading in football has become a national passtime without which NFL would not have its current massive audience. Patriots and Cowboys are the early favourites with the bookies.They are followed by San Diego Chargers, Indianapolis Colts, Jacksonville and Minnesota. Defending champions, New York Giants are placed at 16/1.

OCA News Editor

Christian Bright is a professional sports commentator with keen interests in football, tennis and horse racing. His experience in the reporting on professional sports makes him a key asset to OCA’s coverage of athletic events and matches.