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Further arrests of Sports-betting syndicate members

The illegal sports betting syndicate operated from downtown Philadelphia and was closed down last month.

Following a five month long investigation, the total arrested for illegal sports betting is now standing at 16. Police expected to arrest only a couple more people. Head of the vice unit, Lt Charles Green had asked FBI Philadelphia Police organized crime squad to look into the operation as it had a turnover of $2.5 million. Organized crime was ruled out after the investigation.

The seven men, amongst whom was Robert Hetherington, 45 of Livingston Street near Somerset in Port Richmond, now stand charged with two misdemeanors, conspiracy and bookmaking.

Six Delaware County residents; Michael D’Andrea, 46, James Woodruff, 27, Steven O’Donnell, Thomas Brassell, 41, John Feeney, 26 and Stephen Gryn, 24, were also charged. The raid took place on 15 May catching workers at the illegal sports betting office completely off guard. At the time workers were taking bets on the Phillies vs Atlanta Braves.

The sports betting shop had a toll-free number and callers gave the bookie their personal identification number against which the bet is recorded. They were also taking bets placed on professional basketball, baseball, hockey games and car racing.

19 computers and two servers belonging to the sports betting operation and which had a value of approximately $60 000 was seized during the raid. Police also seized sports bets to the value of$64 000 and $4 650 in cash from the illegal sport betting location in Haverford Avenue.

The Computer Forensic Lab in Radnor are currently in possession of the computers seized from the illegal sports betting office.

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