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Sportsbook Websites Competition Concluded: LinesMover Takes Win

A recent study on sportsbook websites conducted by LineMover, LLC, and headed by Dr. Kenneth Weitzner of Eye on Gambling, has just been concluded and the results released. Taking place over a 30 day period, the in-depth study focused on 4 leading sportsbook companies, Don Best, SportsOptions, LinesMover and G&J Update, in order to provide information on a variety of different aspects of their site.

Some of the categories included in the study were news updates, the refund policy offered by the sportsbook, live scores, monthly payments, customer service and longevity. LinesMover is only new to the sportsbook industry, yet seemed to throttle its 3 other competitiors in most categories.
According to the President of LinesMover, Don Larkin, the company is more than excited with the results of the study. He claimed that “being the new kids on the block” was reason behind receiving a zero in the longevity category (LinesMover are in the business for only 10 months), yet felt like the triumphant underdog in others.

Some of the categories in which LinesMover received perfect scores included the live odds services, refund policies, live sports scores and subscription costs. Out of a maximum of 30 points total, LinesMover received 27 points. SportsOptions was the second sportsbook to follow, with a total of 24, followed by Don Best at 19 and G&J Update coming in with only 16.

The Programming Director of LinesMover, George Barbo, has accredited the subscribers of the sportsbook as reason behind the win.

OCA News Editor