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Soccer Betting Odds for English Championship League

The English Championship League is getting hot and heavy this season, and as such it is getting increasingly harder for soccer betting enthusiasts to know where and how to make their picks. Both Bristol and Stoke City remain at the top for entrance into the Championship, yet both teams prove to be great contenders, and the soccer betting bets are flying in both directions.

The stakes get high as Bristol and Stoke City meet for a match at the top

The match between Bristol and Stoke City is now being regarded as a key point within the Championship. Although Bristol City are sitting on the top spot with 66 points, the margin between them and Stoke City, and Watford sitting in third, is only 4 points. This explains why the stakes for this game have been raised so high – the winner will be automatically moved through to the Premier League. According to odds by BetUS, Watford should be the soccer betting favorite, despite Bristol’s winning streak. They also have a “price-tag at +175”, with expectations that they will play less cautiously than Bristol.

Definitely another hot spot for soccer betting lovers. Burnley has been on the lower end of the Championship ladder for most of the season, yet their chances have not yet been completely used up; a home win might just get them the Berth play-off they have been aiming for. However Charlton has showed poor play during the past matches, and will have a run for their money against the pumped-up Burnley (who are a good bet at +130).

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