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Sportcity to Replace UK Casinos in Manchester Regeneration

Community Secretary of Manchester, Hazel Blears, has announced that the city’s regeneration has now been backed by a multi million pound boost, and will speed up the delivery of one of the largest concentration of sporting venues in Europe, to be called ‘Sportcity’. The primary aim is to generate new jobs alongside commercial and sporting leisure.

This decision has been made following reviews of the possibility of achieving these goals by building more UK casinos. According to the reviews, it would be extremely difficult to assess the impact of UK casinos on new job placements – almost as difficult as it would be to measure the effect of UK casinos on inward investment and various knock- on benefits.
One of the ways in which UK casinos could pose difficulty of this kind is the fact that the relatively high pay of jobs in UK casinos could attract more travelers from outside of the area, and in turn create even more unemployment amongst the city locals. Furthermore, locals would have to pay the price for any risks taken on.

As part of the plan to replace UK casinos with more efficient forms of solving the issues at hand, the site may potentially hold an extreme sports centre for snowboarders, scuba diving, rock climbing, abseiling, and half pipe surfing, a BMX centre, a sky diving simulator and a white water rafting centre. All this is expected to generate 1,600 new jobs by 2014, yet with further investments this may reach 4,000.

OCA News Editor