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Kampala Citizens Enjoy First Opportunity to Sports Bet

Uganda has recently become the second African country ever to invest in the sports betting industry. Preparations for the country’s leading sports betting firm, Sport Betting Africa (SBA), were first begun in late 2006, and the company was officially launched on August 2nd 2007. It is now really starting to take off.

According to the SBA Chief Executive Officer, Mr. James Simon Mpanga, the establishment of SBA took so long to take off because “it is a huge operation which needed a lot of preparation both financially and administratively. It required professionals to man the sophisticated technology used in the game. It took Ush2 billion ($1.18 million) as initial capital.”

Despite its initial hardships, SBA has gone all out with regards to its attempts to boost the sports betting market in Uganda and Africa overall, similar to the way in which the country’s love for soccer has rapidly increased over recent years. Located on Ben Kiwanuka Street and adjacent to the Centenary Bank, all visitors to the sports betting firm are greeted by six massive plasma screens on which they can watch the latest football and soccer matches. The screens are accompanied by a large bar and even slot machines along the side of the facility.

In addition, with the wide range of leagues followed by citizens in Uganda, the service provider is capable of broadcasting seven different games simultaneously, so that the sports betting can be accompanied to the local interest and demand. The current sports betting favorites among fans are Machester United and Spanish La Liga. Odds can be checked online at any time.

OCA News Editor