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Online Casino Sportsbook Teams with Hammers

Establishing connection in an industry like the online gambling one is highly important for any firm who’s eager to successes. Jaxx, a new online casino sports books which operates in the United Kingdom, is working overtime on establishing connections. Just now we have learned that the online sportsbook has closed a deal with Lycos UK, but that isn’t enough, apparently. Jaxx has signed an additional deal with Premier League soccer team West Ham United and will sponsor the very popular Hammers. The company has become the team’s official online betting partner and will offer designated wagers and promotions for the team’s matches.

Fans of the Hammers would likely prefer to gamble at the online casino site as special offers will be given. Jaxx, a subsidiary of German betting giant Fluxx AG, has made the right move. Offering sports gambling makes a firm a part of the sports industry and partnering with major team like West Ham will do great for the company’s business. Mark Irvine, managing director for the new sports book had this to say: “this season is proving to be a big one for West Ham United. We will be seeking to capitalize on this by revitalizing the club’s official betting proposition with a much higher profile and a more dynamic offering from our London-based trading team.”

Both fans of the team and the online gambling company will benefit from the new deal. The fans will have a home on the net where they can gamble freely and comfortably and the virtual casino will enjoy a steady stream of visitors. Sports teams realize that their fans like to gamble and are starting to look after that part of their audience. Just like fan clubs are helpful for supporters, such deals are helpful for supporters that like to gamble. Think of the sportsbook as a fan club for gambling fans of the Hammers.

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