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Major Online Casino Sports Platform Heading Our Way

While online poker is the most popular of all virtual gambling attractions, everyone knows that betting on sports will always be big. There are millions of people all over the world of enjoy sports and love to gamble on it. There’s just something about sports gambling that draws people to the online casinos. Everyone wagers over sports. Some people do it amongst their friends while watching a fight, while others head to the internet and use their knowledge to wager at the online casinos. If you ask them, they’ll be happy to tell you all about the thrill and excitement that sports betting brings and how it makes watching the game much more entertaining.

888 is one of the most successful online gambling firms in the world. The company has focused on offering premium casino games and other casino-related services via the internet; however, 888 has decided that it’s time for online sports betting to become a part of the company’s service portfolio. Talks have begun between the online gambling firm and Rank, a gambling firm based in Britain. 888 is planning an upcoming platform of sports gambling and wants Rank to supply the betting lines for it. Currently, the company is aiming for an all-European launch of the new platform during the first quarter of 2008. That means we’ll have some great sports gambling features ready for us in just a few months time.

As an initial step, 888 is going to launch a United Kingdom version of the site following with a Spaniard version. The European online casino market has been growing in an impressive pace since the industry was banished from the American gambling market. So far, the ban over at the United States proved to be miraculous for the global industry. Online gambling firms have gone global and new markets are been constantly explored.

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