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Spanish Service for Online Casino Sports Book

Bodog, one of the most popular sports books on the net, has launched a new Spanish version of its services. Bodog is so much more than simply a sports book, but most online casino players know it for his wonderful sport gambling system. Now, Spanish gamblers will have the chance to wager on sporting events while speaking Spanish all the way. Calvin Ayre, the online gambling group’s CEO, said: We are excited to expand our service to include in-language customer service to our Latino customers. We value their business, and I am sure that our world-renowned service will exceed each caller’s expectations on every single call.”

Thinking about all the Spanish speaking gamblers in the United States, you realize that Bodog’s move is not really aiming to approach the international market, but rather to reinforce its hold of the American market. Bodog’s Spanish services include a full customer service line in Spanish alongside the actual gambling platform. Sports loving Spanish gamblers now have a chance to enjoy their passion in their mother tongue. When you make a call to the online casino sports book’s service center, you will be asked to choose English or Spanish as your preferred language.

This way, people know they are getting the very same service in English as in Spanish. There is no special platform for English speaking gambler and Spanish ones. It’s all the same Bodog. While some companies create new platforms for foreign gamblers, Bodog is sticking to what works. It doesn’t matter which language you speak, Bodog’s sports book system will be waiting for you. Currently, the customer service center is the first step. The actual site will be ready soon and gamblers could really play casino games and taken wagers in Spanish.

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