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Online Casino Group Deals with Scottish Football Club

Scotland’s Hearts of Midlothian Football Club has signed a new deal with the United Kingdom online gambling group Gala Coral. According to the agreement the online casino operator and the club will become business partners for the duration of two years. The logos of Gala Coral and its online gambling products will be featured on the Scottish Premier League outfit as the group becomes the official sponsor of the team. The online gambling industry has always kept a close relationship with the sports community and similar sponsorship deals have been signed in the past.

“We’re absolutely delighted to be working in this new online partnership with Coral,” said Ali Russell, Commercial Director for the Edinburgh-based soccer club, and why not? The United Kingdom gambling group is high successful and will pay greatly for the opportunity to promote its gambling brand. The group’s online casinos feature plenty for sports betting attractions and sponsoring a real team would influence the group’s image in the eyes of both sports fans and gambling fans. The club is also planning several joint projects with the online casino operator and Russell indicated that work has already begun. Gala Coral’s has a vast portfolio of gambling products and this new deal will surely bring us good things in the future.

Online casino operator Gala Coral announced that many new sports betting options are waiting for fans of the Scottish teams. The company would like to complement the supports of the club and prepares a long list of future gambling activities designated at fans of the Hearts. Online sports betting is a dynamic field where new promotions appear all the time and there’s always why you should head back to the online casino. If you’re a fan of the Scotland’s Hearts then you now have even another reason to check out the real of online sports gambling.

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