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Extreme Poker Brings the Sports out of Poker

Is poker a game of chance or a game based on skill? This is the main issue whenever poker is asked to be defined. What makes a poker winner? If the answer would be the player’s abilities, than one can refer to poker as sports. Just like tennis players use their skills and years of experience to emerge victorious, poker players do the same. Some people will tell you that poker is a game of chance, a true gambling game, while others would prefer looking at poker as just another kind of skill based sports. Putting the argument aside, six Australian poker fans have decided to make it very clear that their poker playing is all about skill.

The six players are going to take part in a special poker tournament that will be held 90 meters about the Pacific Ocean. That’s right – a Texas Hold’em tournament were chance is not dictating the rules. The poker champ who manages to defy the rules of gravity and remains that last man standing will be taken to the Caribbean Island of St Kitts. There he will compete in the next poker challenge, this time underwater. Giving poker such a wonderful extreme sports edge makes the competition much more exciting for both sports fans and gambling fans.

Past tournaments of the Extreme Poker challenge have taken place in the Arctic Circle and 30,000 feet about the Las Vegas desert. With these kinds of tournaments there is no question about whether or not poker should be addresses as sports. Show me one player without any skill that can beat a skillful challenger in the Extreme Poker challenge! Hopefully, online casino sports books will also consider the event to be a sporting one and we will see wagers and props for the upcoming tournament.

OCA News Editor