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New Fantasy Online Sports Betting Site

Although the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act indicates that online casino sports gambling is quit illegal in the United States, Fantasy Sports is still legal. Some people believe that fantasy sports websites are just like any other online sports book, but the law doesn’t regard them as such. Eddie Murphy, the founder and director of Las Vegas based Fantasy Sports Book said that he is very optimistic about the success of fantasy sports in American and that under the current laws there is no problem with operating such business. People that like sports and find gambling to be exciting should definitely try out the new fantasy sports website.

The new site is not about the actual gamble, but about the match and competition – like regular sports are. The online platform uses an online casino sports book look and feel so that players could feel at home, and to be honest, it’s simply easy to use. People can choose any team they like and compete against others with real odds and a safe and legal environment. Any sports fan wants to manage his own team and tell the players what to do and when to do it. Fantasy sports give fans a chance to become the owner of a fantasy team and lead it in a fantasy tournament to the top.

The teams on the site are based on real world teams and all statistics and figures are real. The site keeps track of all picks and balances of the real world and translates them into the fantasy realm. It’s interesting to see that while the government bans one form of online sports gambling, the world of online entertainment adopts and other platforms become available. If gambling is allowed in the real world, then the gambling world will try and resembles the real world as best it cans.

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