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Ayre Force to Battle the Forces of Good and Evil

Bodog Entertainment, one of the most popular and respected companies that operate online sports betting in America, has decided to expand their entertainment portfolio and move into the digital industry. The online gaming group is going to produce a graphic novel created by Adam Slutsky, Shawn Martinbrough and Joseph Phillip Illidge. Bodog is known for its exciting ventures and unconventional methods of getting the public’s attention. Hopefully, the new project will be as good as everything else we saw from Bodog Entertainment in the past. The gambling group has ties with different elements in the entertainment industry and the sports community and is known for its unique presence.

The graphic novel will deal with the Ayre Force (Calvin Ayre is the CEO of the online casino firm). The group of secret agents form the realms of poker, mixed martial arts and music live in the Bodog Universe. The story of the first novel is going to focus on the endless battle between good and evil as the group saves the fate of some tortured bears. Calvin Ayre was extremely excited by the idea as it fits the firm’s spirit. Bodog is offering online gambling and sports betting and brands its business aggressively. The Bodog brand is part of the music industry, the TV industry and other areas as well.

Bodog will use the graphic novel to promote the group’s poker professionals. Evelyn Ng, David Williams and Josh Arieh will get their own characters in the Bodog Universe. When it comes to the world of Bodog poker can save the Universe. Additionally, Bodog will bring its Music stars aboard and incorporate them into the plot in the future. The new platform gives the online sports betting group a wonderful opportunity to introduce its business to different audiences and use a vivid platform to do so.

OCA News Editor